Me: The smelly smell that smells smelly?

Colton: Yeah. :D

Kayla: ... What?

Me: YOU GUYS DONT GET IT! D: -I mean Jerry/Jeremy and Kayla-

Colton: I do. 030

Me: I know that, I mean them.

Colton: Ohh.

Jerry: Is it from a stupid show?

Me: -gets what hes hinting at- .... Yes.

Kayla: OH.


We call Jeremy Jerry for some reason, dont ask me why though.

But both Jerry and Kayla think SpongeBob is stupid. :I

Oh well.

I dont think it is. uvu


Kayla is gonna help me survive my sisters birthday party.

Shes gonna come over for the night too.

I doubt Ill have a whole lot written on Saturday or Sunday- just a warning for you all~

Okay, now before I go..


-eyebrow wiggle- Yeep. 

Double rainbow song. :D ewe

I have to go now~

Bye guys~